Hotel Website is a Virtual Hotel!

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This post is particularly meant for hoteliers though, it could apply to any business owner as such. Nonetheless don’t let the first line prevent you from going further, in my opinion all businesses are alike because the end result is to win your customer’s heart and make sales.

Now it’s a new day, you have had your usual morning briefing session with your team over your cup of morning beverage, the hotel is spick and span, the lobby looks absolutely polished with warm ambience and sweet welcoming fragrance, the front office executives look their best, well groomed, pretty &/or handsome, the bellstaff is very anxiously awaiting the arrival of guests, fresh lilies or roses are in place. In short you are perfectly ready to welcome your guests.

Now take a look at the scenario, your first guest for the day arrives (shall refrain to mention what car, how they looked, what they wore, how they walked, let’s leave something to toy with your imagination too!). The guests are welcomed warmly with a hot towel and welcome drink. Now the guest walks towards your front office executive and begins a conversation. It turns out that the guests are a walk-in and you have plenty of rooms available. My question to you, my dear hoteliers, is this:

“Wouldn’t you put in your utmost effort in convincing this walk-in guest to stay at your hotel? Wouldn’t you run a mile to make sure they are absolutely comfortable and happy at your hotel? Aren’t walk-in guests one of the reasons why you were so well prepared in making the hotel a heaven?”

 If your answer is yes, then why compromise on your hotel website? Why are you satisfied with an average website that is far from even being warm to your ‘virtual’ walk-in guests?

Your online hotel website visitors are analogous to any walk-in guest you receive at your hotel lobby. They are also considering to stay at your hotel and thus visited your website and if you give them a warm online website experience they are more likely to choose you over your competitors. A Hotel website should exude warmth and hospitality. The visuals and graphics must be at par with your branding guidelines and brand standards.

This concept of having a hotel website as your virtual hotel is called Digital Hospitality and we at RUNWAY endorse it 🙂

A few pointers that you should consider before building your hotels website have been listed below:

  • Responsive website – Should open seamlessly on any device size (Laptop, Tablet, Mobile)
  • Large hotel photographs for the main banner scroll – warm and inviting in colour, contrast and brightness balanced aptly
  • Call to action and location to be mentioned clearly – Hotel Reception Numbers and Google maps to be added for ease of access
  • Easy Navigation Menu – A Clean Layout of the navigation menu
  • User Friendly Interface

References to Hospitable Hotel Websites:

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Wishing you a great weekend with 100% Occupancy and Higher RevPar  🙂

Pooja Nataraj

Founder – RUNWAY